Sleep apnea and snoring at night (snore)

all sleep, but not all sleep well and this should not be so, d'escansar fonameltal is because human beings.

L'apnea is a sleep disorder that is, takes place during sleep. Interrupted breathing for ten seconds, this was accompanied by a decrease in blood oxygen saturation and strong snoring.
As a consequence, these people have sleep during the day, have a high risk of hypertension, arritmies, myocardial infarction, irritability, etc.

Diagnosed with polysomnography or "sleep study".

The treatments also of avoiding overweight, l´alcohol, tobacco and drugs are sedatives:
-Appliances positive pressure on the airways (CPAP): It is a machine with a mask that expels air, and pushing the tongue forward thereby opening the airway.

-Oropharyngeal Surgery i mandibular.
-In dental prostheses are d'avançament mandibular or DAM, which are quite grasping the front CPAP, because of using easy and safe. These devices produce a slight advancement of the jaw, while preventing sleep, jaw and tongue from falling behind, thus facilitating the passage of air.



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