atm_1Most people know that this is the joint that allows us to do all movements jaw (open, close, lateralitzar, preview, retreat).

We have two, one on each side of the head. It is the joint between the mandible and temporal l'os (next l'orella), including two, there is an articular disc is a fibrous pad. In addition, is surrounded by muscles and ligaments.


This joint can be damaged by various causes such as bruxism, a trauma, it malocclusion, etc. Causing harm Cape, cervicofacial pain, sand clicks or noise in the work and close, decrease l'apertura, etc. If you go to l'odontòleg to deal this problem, you could end up suffering from osteoarthritis in l'ATM, Basically what you make it pugau hardly open his mouth to eat.

What is bruxism?
Bruxism is l'hàbit involuntary teeth grinding or d'apretar. It is usually caused by stress, genetic factors, etc.

The sun bruxista person not be conscient, however, suffer from headache, pain in the masticatory muscles pain upon awakening i cervicofacial.
Usually the person who ends up sleeping with him realizing it, or during a review l'odontòleg, a l´observar abfraccions (enamel that has fallen on the neck of the tooth) and wear on the teeth.


The treatment is a splint download which will not prevent bruxism but it does prevent tooth wear. It is very important to go to l'odontòleg because if you let it run, finish creating a pathology in l'ATM.


Splint download