I implantology surgery

This branch of l'odontologia responsible for conducting the treatments that require surgery. Like for example:rayos_1

  • -Extraction of wisdom tooth (teeth of l'enteniment) they are badly positioned.
  • -I tumoracions Exèresi cysts in llengua, mucosa oral, palate, lips, etc.
  • -Sinus elevation.
  • -Apicectomia.
  • -Frenectomia.



Nowadays it is very important to have a good image, which begins to have a beautiful smile. If ens missing a dent in the previous part of the mouth, immediately we went to the dental clinic for aesthetic yet to replace it, we do the same with the back teeth, say "it looks like, not pose me ". But remember that each tooth has its role and when one disappears, all others tend to occupy the space that remains empty is, teeth next move and l'antagonista (tooth found) continuous erupcionant (increasing) trova until a limit is usually gum contrària.Per this is so important to replace all the teeth.
A good solution is that dental implants are fixed and not on neighboring teeth repercutixen (There is a bridge that cut their teeth on the sides).
They consist l'implant itself that is integrated within l'os jaw making the function of a tooth root and the crown or prosthesis that were subject to him.
They are much more simple co-place than people think and there is no pain during placement, or later.