Special patients

xiket laughing with Down syndrome

With the slogan "everyone has the right to a healthy mouth", we do not want that person will be denied a ninguna dental care quality.

When patients say special dentistry, we refer those patients with diseases, disabilities or deficiencies which require changing the method of action dentistry.

Therefore, we refer patients with mental retardation, autism, down sindrome, Parallel-lysis brain, alzheimer, parkinson, Sindrome the Law, Kabuki syndrome, clotting problems, cancer patients ...

En la cavitat oral solen presentar:

-Alt índex de càries

-Gingivitis i periodontitis.
-Maloclusió dental.-Halitosis.

-Fractures dentals per traumatismes.

-Xerostomia (sequetat bucal)


Aleshores, it is very important that these people made regular visits to l'odontòleg, who will give advice to make a proper hygiene at home and help prevent complications.