normally, when we think of diseases of the mouth, just think of decay that affects the tissues of the tooth (first, dentine), forgetting the diseases that affect the tissues that surround and support the teeth (gum, periodontal ligament, the alveolar). These diseases are equally or more important as caries, if there is a good support base, your teeth will move and fall.
The most surprising is that many people who have these diseases for some time, not aware of what is happening in his mouth.








These pathological processes are:

1.- Gingivitis:

This amalaltia appears when you brush your teeth. Then the plaque builds up causing inflammation, bleeding gums and flush.
Also some medicines can cause breathing and oral (l'odontòleg go to him and discuss your case).
Treatment and prevention are making a detartraje (or cleaning) in the semiannual or annual dental clinic. Untreated, will lead to periodontitis.








dental plaque


Gingitis foto
2.- Periodontitis (piorrea): When gingivitis is not treated, evolves periodontitis. Here are affected gums, l'os and periodontal ligament.
It is a very serious disease. Start with the loss Os, which causes the gum baixe (recession) and see the roots of the teeth. If not treated in time, due to the loss of support, your teeth will move and fall.
The treatment is done by the periodontist, who will diagnose and assess what stage the patient is, performing the treatment agreeing (curetatge, periodontal surgery, etc).