L'endodòncia s'ocupa of l'estudi, pathology and treatment of the pulp (nerves) of the tooth. This is what is commonly known as "kill the nerve".

rayos_1Everything begins when the pulp undergoes an irreversible injury (decay reaches the pulp, trauma, etc). Faced with this situation the only alternative we have is to perform a root canal to save the tooth and, or extract it, so we try not to make, a no ser que siga extrictament necessari, same as that of a tooth, no hi ha res.

Really what is done during this treatment is not kill anyone, but that the pulp removed, clean the duct system and then put a material that will seal the apex, to avoid future bacterial contamination.


A l´esquerra dent no endodonciada, on the right, dent endodonciàda.

To finish, performed l'obturació ("filling") of the tooth. In addition, when it is a tooth that has left little structure, l'endodoncista advised to put a poste (making support l'obturació) the crown, which will prevent future dental fractures.


Tooth poste.